Development Areas

Aerial view of Daedalus

The Solent Enterprise Zone is divided into three separate development areas, providing opportunities for businesses to invest and to grow:

Daedalus East is currently where the main development activity is taking place.  Fareham College’s Centre of Excellence for advanced skills training opened in September 2014 and an Innovation Centre operated by Oxford Innovation, opened in April 2015 providing office and workshop accommodation on easy-in/easy-out terms for small businesses and start-ups.

Daedalus West comprising 14 ha of land available for development near the airfield, to the western boundary of the site.  A new access road will be commissioned shortly to provide around 22,000 sqm of new development space.

The Waterfront is at the southern end of the Solent Enterprise Zone, bordering the Solent coastline and with views across to the Isle of Wight.  A major redevelopment of this area will be underway shortly.